Who Said You Needed To Be Grown Up To Be Super?

David is only nine years old but I think he is super. He has collected money in a cardboard box over the last year. The task is perfectly kid sized but has a superhero sized impact.

We just finished another Mini-MissionFest at MissionFest Manitoba. About six years ago we changed the children’s program to one that not just cared for the kids but also taught them about missions. Three years ago we changed the name to Mini-MissionFest.

We have been able to have missionaries (other than ourselves) speak to the kids and share about their experiences. They have heard from missionaries from the Philippines, from Africa, and India. And they have learned about a number of the great missionaries.

We also use the opportunity to teach these children how they can be involved in missions.

They can:

Pray for missionaries
. This can be really effective if we have a missionary who has spoken to them and shared prayer requests such as Gracia Burnam did a few years back.

Offer themselves as missionaries. They are asked to give their lives completely over to God.  When reading the biographies of many missionaries we have found that they got a heart for missions at an early age.

Give to missions. Most children do not realize the impact that they can have in this way so we show them how they can make an eternal difference.  By putting just ten cents in a bank every week, they will save over $5.00 and can pay to have a child attend Bible Camp in India for a week AND attend follow up program for a full year. The older kids can save $1.00 a week and send ten kids to camp.

Just after our session on giving, young nine year old David handed me a bank that he had made at Mini-MissionFest last year.  He had saved enough to send a couple of kids to camp and wanted to make sure that they got to go this summer.


They will.

Don’t You Think He Is Super?

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