205,000 Kids to Bible Camp in India in 2016

This May we sent 205,000 kids to camp in India. That equates to every child between five and fifteen in the entire province of Manitoba. And in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.  And over 20 thousand more.

If those children held hands they would make a line from Winnipeg to Brandon and beyond.

If we took a penny for each child and stacked them, it would be higher than the Richardson Building piled on top of the RBC Building, both of these piled on top of a 12 storey building.

If we piled 205,000 five dollar bills it would reach over 22 metres.  And the interesting thing is that, this is the exactly what it costs for these kids to attend a week of camp and a year of weekly discipleship programming at their local church.  Five dollars.  

There are over 2000 churches on a waiting list who really want to be a part of this ministry.

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