Are You Thankful For Pineapple?

We recently received a great reminder to be thankful for all that we have.  After we had presented at a camp recently, the woman who ran this camp thanked us for helping them put the camp on and helping to feed the children there.  She then mentioned how excited the children were to receive pineapple and watermelon as part of their lunch.

We were quite surprised by this as we saw these fruits at almost every meal we had.  In fact, that is one things we look forward to every time we head south, fresh pineapple.  But it turns out that, for the children at this camp, even these fruits are a treat as they so rarely get them.

We were also told that most of the fathers of these campers worked in the sugar cane harvest and that they would receive their last paycheck of the year in about a week. So it looked like they wouldn’t have these treats anytime soon.

This woman was in tears as she thanked us for the camps and we in turn need to thank you.  Everyone who supports Children’s Camps International had a hand in supplying these treats of pineapple and watermelon.  And we do want to thank you for that support.  You helped us to supply over three quarter of a million meals to children in developing countries like India, Cambodia, Fiji, Kenya, Belize, and Cuba.

In addition, these children all had the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared with them.  And they will have weekly follow up programs for the next year.

Are you thankful for the ‘pineapples’ in your life?

What do you take for granted?

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