How Did $5 Change Josh Forever & How Did Josh Changed So Many Others?

JoshI`d like you to meet Josh. Several year’s ago, when Josh was 12, he had never been to a church.  He was from a Hindu family in a small village that had no church.  Someone knocked on his door in November of 2009 and invited him to a church camp to be held in his village during Christmas break.  As a matter of fact a local pastor and his team personally invited each and every child in that village, and in the neighbouring villages to camp. Josh attended the four days of camp and learned for the very first time that God loved him and wanted to have a personal relationship with him.  Josh took that opportunity to invite Christ to be his Lord and Saviour.  Josh started to attend the church that was planted in his village because of that camp.  He soon invited his parentsMakeshift Shade to attend too.  In fact, his mother, father, uncles, brothers and sister-in-law now attend this church. I remember that camp from 2009.  As there was no church in the village, the camp was held in an open field. I remember that the sun was beating down on us and that shortly after our presentation the pastor and his team held a tarp over the campers’ heads in order to give them a little bit of shade. 

Josh was 12 years old at that camp.  I saw Josh again two year later.  Josh was then 14 years old and he is a counsellor at that years camp.  He is now helping to lead others to Christ.

That is what it is all about; fully transformed lives. Lives that were changed just two years ago, helping to change lives today.  This is the same thing that happened in India.  Those that attended the camps in the first few years are now councellors, running the camps, or in ministry elsewhere.

It took a team to reach out to Josh.  It took someone to ask the local pastor to hold a camp. It took the local pastor and his team to invite him to camp. It took someone to personally share Christ with Josh. It took someone to run the follow-up program every week. Most importantly it took someone to pay $5.00 so that Josh could attend camp and a full year of follow up programs in his village.

As we begin this new year, how many kids can you send to camp?

How many lives will be affected by your donation? (Moms, Dads, Uncles, Brother, Sisters-in-law?)

Will you help create another young evangelist like Josh?

Click HERE or give us a call at 204-331-4003 and talk to Shirley.  She is there to help you make an eternal difference.

For more information click on Children’s Camps International

How To Buy A Christmas Presents For Those Who Have Everything

This Christmas, what do you get for someone who has everything? What do you get for those impossible to buy for  people? How about getting them something that can change lives forever.

A few years ago, a little before Christmas, my dad told the family that he already had everything he needed AND when he wanted something, he went out and bought it.  With this in mind he asked that we not buy him anything for Christmas.  He didn’t need another tie or gag golf gift. Instead he asked that we use the money to make a difference elsewhere.

Oonaugh and I went out and got him a bicycle, but we gave it to someone else. Smile

Matt Klassen 09 066

We not only gave Dad a gift, we also gave the message of Jesus Christ mobility.

When speaking with pastors in India, many have one request: a bicycle. The reason, so they can bring the gospel message more effectively to the neighbouring community. While many pastors are making this trip on foot we know a bike will help them reach those who need to hear more efficiently. The cost was only $125.00.  I have been fortunate enough to have been present at a number of “bicycle giveaways” in Tamil Nadu, India, and the gratitude expressed by these pastors is beyond words to describe.  We have since bought a second bicycle for Dad.  He now has two bikes that he has never seen.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…….Dad’s getting a third one this year….shhhhhh.

Here are some other ideas depending on your price range.

$5 Sponsor a child to attend camp and weekly follow-up programs At camp each child is loved, well fed and introduced to the best Christmas present of all… Jesus!

$15 Clothes for a pastor – it’s a small gift that is a huge encouragement to a pastor. And you never have to worry about getting the wrong size.

$10 Train a leader – Mobilize young leaders that will contribute faithfully to camp, follow-up, youth councils and other church run programs.

$15.00 Crayons for 50 children – Read Ratha’s story to hear more of the impact a box of crayons has

$30 Sports equipment – Purchase the simple things that make camp special for kids (cricket bats, balls, skipping ropes, etc.).

$25 New Testaments and lesson materials for up to 100 children for a full year – Sponsor the gift of the word this Christmas.

$100 A church follow-up program (or $2 per child) – Children who attend camp often invite their friends to attend follow-up programs and more resources are needed.

$500 A cow – You could help a struggling pastor reach self-sufficiency this Christmas. It will provide nourishing milk for his family AND income through the sale of the extra milk.

Instead of sharing a $15 or $20 gag gift at the office party this year, why not give a gift that can make a real difference this year? Check out all of these gifts HERE.

This Christmas, why not ask for a gift that can make a real difference?

How will YOU shop this year?

Is Christmas about Giving or Receiving?

Is Christmas about getting gifts? Haven’t we always been taught that it is supposed to be about GIVING? I adamantly disagree. I believe that Christmas is all about RECEIVING.

When we think of the very first Christmas, it was about getting. We didn’t GIVE anything. We GOT something. It was something we weren’t expecting and certainly did not deserve, but we were given a gift. We just need to receive it.

The giving of a gift is not complete until it is received.

When our children were younger we lived in a small town. When gifts were mailed to us, we were given a small note telling us that we needed to go and get the gift from the post office. It didn’t matter how wonderful the gift was, if we didn’t go and pick it up, we would never know how great it was.

It is the same with the gift that God gave us over two thousand years ago. We need to receive it.

So it really IS about receiving.

What do you think?
Is Christmas about Giving or Receiving?