Cambodia Camps 2017

It was the thirteens year for camps in Cambodia and they have just finished. One hundred local churches hosted with 4917 children attending.  Of these over 30% indicated first time commitments to Christ.

Camps in Cambodia (as elsewhere) are truly non-denominational as we had 17 different denominations represented.

Counsellor training had previously been run from March 27th to April 5th in three provinces, Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, and Pursat with 399 camp councillors and 100 camp leaders trained.

Follow up Program:

After camping event we have a weekly follow up program. We spend between 60 an d90 minutes for our follow up program singing songs, telling Bible Story, playing games, teaching memory verse, helping them with hygiene, praying and worshiping God together and in every activity we give scores to the kids to save for our market, coin which will be held every nine weeks. Our follow up program keep going on regularly every Sunday and some camps do every Saturday. We do that for 10 months. It starts from May to February of the following year. We prepare for our new camps event in March and at the end of March we have our counsellors training and run the camps in the beginning of April.

Churches involved were asked “Why do you want to run children’s camps in your church?”

Here are jusy a few of the answers we received.

– To help children to have personal relationship with God

– Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples in all nations; therefore, we can minister to children and their family in the community to fulfill His Great Commission.

– To help children have a stronger faith in Christ

– To gain experiences to bring the Gospel to the children

– We want the whole community to know Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour

– It is a good opportunity to reach children’s parents for Christ

– We want to see the community develop through children

– We want to make future leaders

– To increase church members

Grateful Words From Camp’s Leader

We want to give thanks to God for His great love

We want to give thanks to all teachers and all the people who help to organize this camp

May God bless CCI and the church in Canada so that you can share these blessings with us in Cambodia.

We want to give thanks to our Lord Jesus and thanks CCC and CCI

Camps Leaders Comments

Keep supporting children’s camps in Cambodia

It is not just a good program but it is a time of fellowship between leaders and all the kids we learn together and we work together.

Please don’t be hesitated to continue children’s camp. Our God is all mighty God, don’t be afraid even though we face some obstacles.

Children’s camp is such a good ministry and it is really helpful for our church

We love children’s camp and we want to continue this ministry every year

Director’s Musings


I would like to give thanks to Lord our God and all of CCI staffs and other supporters who sacrifice their own strength, heart, time and finance to help us doing this hard work. This year is the 13th years of our camps in Cambodia.

Children program is really powerful to impact many children, Churches, and especially to give the opportunity to build the new generation leaders. Through this program we can train more counsellors to reach more children. All counsellors can learn more and improve their knowledge and they also know that children are very important. After 3 days of training program finished they go back to their local churches with joy and love. Before camping event started they spend time together to prepare and pray for all things which they will do with the children during camps event.

Our camping event usually starts in the beginning of April every year. There are a lot of children come to join our camping and they spent time with their counsellors having a good relationship. It is a time of fellowship. They get to know each other well and they have fun together in our activities, especially they learn more about Jesus Christ and worship Him. Children are very happy and they enjoy having food together and play together.

At the end of our program many children have decided to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. This year we had a great result even though we have limited money. I see that this program make them known their daily practice in their daily life. The kids get benefits from this program, the counsellors are stronger in their faith and they find out their joy in serving children, pastors and leaders have good relationship with their youth and the church start to grow and have more joy. All the glories to the Living God!

After camp event finished we do not leave them alone we continue to have good relationship with them every Sunday.  We have many program and activities with children in the hold year to follow up them to be strong and grow up in their faith.

Through children program I see that our country receive many blessings! Many churches have activities with children. The churches are interested in children. They start to think and care about children. They see the importance and potential of children. The country can be transformed through children.  Children can change their families, communities and the whole nation! Amen,

On behalf of CCC staffs and all local churches in Cambodia I would like to say thanks to all of you so much that always keep us in your prayer. You show your love and your care for children in Cambodia through your actions of involving and supporting us. We are so blessed! We keep you all in our prayer as well. May the Living God bless you all abundantly for your hard work!

Cambodia Children’s Camps Director
Sophanna Tith

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