From Ripping up Scripture to Church Goer

A little five year old girl in Brazil would come home from her small group discipleship class with her memory verses in hand.  As soon as she got home her father would rip those little memory cards into pieces.  Every week it was the same thing.

A little while later the father got a call from the school.  They wanted to know what teaching methods he was using at home.  He didn’t understand.  They said that his daughter was well ahead of the rest of the class and was reading at a high level for her age.  They were just wondering if he was doing something different at home.

The man congratulated his daughter and asked how she had learned to read so well.  She replied, ” Daddy, I had to learn to read.  You tear up my memory verses as soon as I get home and I had to learn to read so that I could put them back together.”

That father now takes his daughter to church every Sunday and attends himself.

Isn’t it amazing how a hardened heart can be changed by the faith of a little child.

But there is a problem.  The cost of printing is very high in Brazil and that means that it is very expensive to print up those memory verses and all the follow up materials.  Our partners in Brazil are printing this material on a home printer right now. In fact, that is what has stalled the growth of our camps in Brazil; the cost of printing. There are churches waiting to become involved with us once the materials can be printed.

You Can Make a Difference

Please head over to our store. (Click on the Donate button below.)  Scroll down to Bibles & Lesson Materials and make a donation of just $25.00 to help with these printing costs so that more children can go to camp and be involved in these follow-up groups.  Just add Brazil in the comments section as you check out.



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