Children's Camps International began ministry in India in 2003. Since then, we have reached over 1.6 million children and trained over 100,000 camp counsellors.

Many churches have doubled in size because of CCI’s children ministry. Many young people used to be spectators, but through CCI’s training program, they have become participants.

Our work is mostly in the southern area of India, where there is wide opening for Christian ministries. In the province where we work, the population is more than 10 percent Christian.

Some of our main cities in India

  • Chennai

    9,000,000 people

  • Salem

    800,000 people

  • Trichy

    1,000,000 people

  • Madurai

    1,200,000 people

  • Coimbatore

    1,400,000 people

The leader of our program in India is Antony Samy.

"Children ministry is the best bang for the buck. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. So, I want to have more impact through this ministry. It is easier to reach children than adults - there is no persecution when we use God given wisdom."