Is Christmas about Giving or Receiving?

Is Christmas about getting gifts? Haven’t we always been taught that it is supposed to be about GIVING? I adamantly disagree. I believe that Christmas is all about RECEIVING.

When we think of the very first Christmas, it was about getting. We didn’t GIVE anything. We GOT something. It was something we weren’t expecting and certainly did not deserve, but we were given a gift. We just need to receive it.

The giving of a gift is not complete until it is received.

When our children were younger we lived in a small town. When gifts were mailed to us, we were given a small note telling us that we needed to go and get the gift from the post office. It didn’t matter how wonderful the gift was, if we didn’t go and pick it up, we would never know how great it was.

It is the same with the gift that God gave us over two thousand years ago. We need to receive it.

So it really IS about receiving.

What do you think?
Is Christmas about Giving or Receiving?

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