IT’S OFFICIAL! Children’s Camps International has captured the Guinness World Record achievement for “Most combine harvesters working simultaneously (single field)” through their Harvest for Kids event! On August 4th, 2018, south of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, CCI broke this record with 303 combines – smashing the previous record of 244.

Over 14,000 came to the field to take in this amazing event. In an incredible showing of community unity, combines arrived, thousands were fed, and over one thousand volunteered in order to make this record a reality. Of the 300 acre wheat field, 250 acres were used in the record attempt, with a yield of 50 bushels per acre. Prior to the record attempt, spectators enjoyed activities available for the whole family, including a delicious BBQ lunch, children’s activities, and a farm show.

The Friday evening before, High Valley, the Hunter Brothers, and Rosemary & the Sweet Sound Revival entertained a packed crowd at the Parkland stage in Winkler.

The purpose of this event was raise the funds to send 1,000,000 kids to camp through the ministry of Children’s Camps International (CCI). CCI seeks opportunities in the developing world to partner together with local leaders, equipping them to reach their communities. Churches and other individuals host camp programs in order to reach the children in their community, where they have the opportunity to learn Christian values, play, and be loved. Children experience a week camp program, followed by a weekly follow-up program for one year. To date, over 2 million children and their families have been positively impacted by this initiative.

Harvest for Kids was created to raise awareness for CCI through inviting the agricultural community to get involved. Canadian farmers and businesses have shown us how passionate they can be about giving back, working together to give generously and sacrificially to make a difference in the lives of children on the other side of the globe. This was evident in how the farming community worked together to make this world record attempt a success.

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