Marco & Claudia

Why Do You Love Working With Children?

God called both of us in the same year, in different states. Five years later, He united us in the same ministry, working with children. We worked for 18 years with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). We then pastured a church for seven years and in 2015 God presented us a new challenge….Start a mission together with Lana and Marcelo Alencar to support churches and pastors families.

We started to write material for parents to disciple their children. But this did not work. The parents showed no interest! So we decided to use “faith parents”. We held a camp with churches from Boa Viagem and trained youth to do the follow-up programs using our material.  It worked!

Training Youth to Run Discipleship Programs
Claudia Training Youth to Run Discipleship Programs


Upsetting Statistic
In Brasília, 139 homicides, of the 355 committed between January 1 and May 15 , 2015, were committed by children.We know that only God can change the next generation but you and I need to put ourselves in the gap for them. CCI is making a difference since they adopted our ministry with financial support, encouragement and prayer.


How is CCI Making a Difference?

Shortly after our camp in Boa Viagem, Steve Zacharias from Children’s Camps International came to visit us. He was contagious about camps and follow-up programs. God really has a way of doing things. Steve was like someone pushing us down a hill. It has been so fast and exciting! CCI is making a huge difference since they adopted our ministry with financial support, encouragement and prayer. Last year, God used us to reach 1200 kids. We held camps and are running followup programs in Maranguape, Maracanaú, Caucaia, Boa Viagem, Varjota and Fortaleza with 550 kids are being discipled every week by teenagers, youth and adults from the churches.

Kids at Camp
Kids at Camp


One of Hundred’s of Stories
E., a ten year old boy in Boa Viagem has been attending a small group for more than a year already. He was a Jehovah witness and a lonely boy. He went to the group and started to ask tough questions about everything. He found what he was looking for because he has put away his old bible and faith and decided to follow Christ.Now he is a happy kid, he found God’s love He wants to be a pastor and he is helping in two other small groups besides having his own group with two neighbors. T the last event he sang a song he wrote in front of 160 other kids!


Small Groups in Action
Small Groups in Action