Mission – “STRONG”

CCI’s mission is to:

Seek opportunities in the developing world
Together with indigenous churches/leaders to equip them to
Reach their communities with
Ongoing ministry that targets the
Next generation to fulfill the
Great Commission


We want to reach out and work together with the indigenous church so that we can reach the children of the developing world. The foundation of our effort began in 2003 in the southern part of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

As opportunity and resources became available, it then extended to southeast Asia. We have since expanded to additional parts of the developing world and are working in other countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, Belize, Fiji and Cuba.


Focus On Building Up The (Indigenous) Church

The ministry of Children’s Camps International is about assisting vibrant indigenous churches to attain healthy and sustainable growth. CCI strives to mobilize churches with effective tools to reach their communities with the gospel.

Focus On Training Dynamic Leaders

CCI places priority on training leaders that will continue to train other leaders. This ministry will be most successful when it can easily, efficiently and effectively be reproduced by the indigenous church. For this reason the objective of the CCI training effort is to encourage the early or immediate indigenous leadership of camping programs.

Focus On Reaching Out To Children

Statistically most people who choose to follow Christ make this decision before they are 18 years old. For this reason CCI sets a priority in reaching children for Christ. In addition CCI believes the relational approach of camping programs is an effective way to invest in building future leaders. CCI believes it is never too early to build leadership qualities into youth. CCI also is convinced that many of these campers will grow up to become pastors, evangelists, missionaries and dedicated Christian labourers who will effectively build the kingdom of Christ.

Focus On A Solid Follow-Up Effort

CCI supports the work of disciple-making not just convert winning. Each camper that hears the gospel at a sponsored camp will be supported by a sponsored church weekly follow up program.

Focus On Financial Responsibility

CCI operates on a firm foundation of integrity and cost effectiveness in operations. For this reason CCI strives toward:

Complete financial accountability – The resources entrusted to the ministry of CCI will always be treated as God’s resources. For this reason each dollar will be accounted for and this information is available upon request.

Minimal administrative expense – This ministry is most effective when the resources are put to use in the mission field. For this reason CCI makes every effort to minimize administrative expenses.  See CRA information HERE

Minimal capital investment – Where CCI will pursue the use of appropriate facilities to accommodate an effective camping program CCI does not make a priority in investing resources in facilities that require large initial and continuing maintenance expenses.