Our goal is to change the world with every pedal stroke we take. If you’re passionate about Jesus and cycling why not join us?

In the developing world, passion for cycling is driven by so much more than love for the open road or the wind in your face. Pastors don’t track mileage or strive for KOMs. Instead they are fueled by the opportunity to share the gospel with thousands who have not heard. The miles they ride are the price they pay to transform their nation.

The vision of the “One Million Revolution” is to stand united with these pastors to provide resources and tools to equip them in their task and support them in their journey.

Why “One Million?”

We want to dream big! We believe that together we can effectively reach AND DISCIPLE 1,000,000 children by 2017… transforming their lives, and the lives of their families, forever!

Coincidently, if 1,000,000 children joined hands and stretched out in a line it would reach from Calgary to Winnipeg, Chicago to New York or Mumbai to Chennai (rides we would love to plan to help us visualize the impact of this initiative!) 1,000,000 is also the number of pedal strokes from one coast to the other (another ride for us to attempt together!)