Gift Guide

Make a Gift Guide donation of $20 or more and receive a Christmas card!

Impact Focus: Children

  • Camper Sponsorship

    $5.00 CAD

    Camp is a life changing experience for kids all over the world.

    $5 allows a child a week at camp: hearing about the love of Christ, as well as a year of follow up programs, so they can go out as salt and light into their community.

  • Crayons & Craft Materials

    $15.00 CAD

    Crayons mean SO much to children in the developing world.

    $15 provides one box per child for up to 50 campers.

  • Bibles & Lesson Materials

    $25.00 CAD

    Kids around the world aren’t just memorizing Bible verses but entire CHAPTERS!

    This is because, at camp and follow up programs, they are given lesson books that guide them in their learning, and Bibles that they can study and use to memorize the Word of God.

  • Sports Equipment

    $30.00 CAD

    One of our most requested gifts from pastors in the developing world is sports equipment. A game of cricket or soccer is one of the most effective ways of building a relationship with children. Through games, leaders earn the respect of the children, and gain credibility to share the Gospel.

Impact Focus: Youth

  • Youth Leadership Training

    $10.00 CAD

    Countless youth are eager for the opportunity to serve. With simple training, they can be empowered to effectively reach their community for Christ.

Impact Focus: Pastors

  • Pastor’s Fellowship Meeting

    $1.00 CAD

    When asked, pastors have told us that the greatest gift they receive from CCI is "real fellowship".

    Everyone needs encouragement, rejuvenation and fellowship. This gift has provided exactly that for deserving pastors in the developing world. Sponsor a whole meeting or a smaller group of pastors.

  • Clothes for a Pastor

    $15.00 CAD

    Some pastors only have the shirts on their backs. The gift of a change of clothes has moved many to tears.

  • Pastor’s Bicycle

    $125.00 CAD

    A pastor will be deeply blessed with the gift of a bicycle. In their excitement, many pastors who have received a bike have started thriving ministries in neighboring villages. It’s a simple tool that has such profound impact in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.