Our ministry in Fiji runs as CCI Fiji, under the leadership of Chad & Patricia Reimer. Children’s Camps International began their work here in 2009, and since then, a total of 15,349 children have attended, including 1869 in 2017.

CCI Fiji has become well known on the western side of the main island of Fiji, which has opened up endless opportunities to host camps, run follow-up programs, and find volunteers from various church groups. CCI Fiji’s ministry has also spread to the other big island of Fiji, and also some of the smaller islands.

CCI Fiji’s focus is working with children and communities further out from the main cities, reaching children who don’t have the same opportunities as kids in the city receive. Through their ministry, CCI Fiji has been able to unify churches who have been at odds with each other for years.

Scripture is explored in fun, age-appropriate ways. Jesus and God’s word is made alive through fun and innovative materials. The material is geared to introduce, involve, build, grow and encourage children and volunteers to grow in their Christian faith. The volunteers often use local handicraft items and locally popular games like rugby, soccer, and bani to reach the local Fijian kids. Fijian Children love to worship through music and dance and the worship which comes along each year with the materials are very lively, comforting and encouraging.

This year, CCI Fiji is exploring opportunities to expand camps to the Solomon Islands.