Children's Camps International began work in Brazil in 2015. In 2016, God used the ministry to reach 1200 kids. We held camps and with follow-up programs in Maranguape, Maracanaú, Caucaia, Boa Viagem, Varjota and Fortaleza with 550 kids are being discipled every week by teenagers, youth and adults from the churches.
The leaders of our program in Brazil are Marco & Claudia Marinho.

"In 2015, God presented us with a new challenge: to start a mission together to support churches and the families of pastors. We started to write material for parents to disciple their children - but this was ineffective. The parents showed no interest! So we decided to create the concept of “faith parents”. We held a camp with churches from Boa Viagem and trained youth to do the follow-up programs. It worked!"