About Us

Children’s Camps International is an evangelical, non-denominational organization that has been promoting the dynamic work of children’s camping ministry since 2003.

CCI has its roots in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India but its influence is quickly spreading across Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania.

What We Do


“First Generation” Ministry

The first priority of CCI is the investment in “human” capital. Our programs focus on complete transformation through intentional evangelism, discipleship and leadership training programs.

CAMPER PROGRAMS – Each year well over 100,000 children are sponsored to attend camp and weekly discipleship programs. These children then go home to reach their friends and family.

LEADERSHIP & YOUTH TRAINING – Thousands of youth are trained each year to actively contribute to the ministry of their home church.

PASTOR’S FELLOWSHIP AND ENCOURAGEMENT – Pastors in the developing world consistently tell us that, through CCI, they experience true fellowship and encouragement.

“Second Generation” Ministry

CCI’s latest initiative targets bringing greater sustainability to our “first generation” programs. This effort includes micro-finance projects that empower individuals to not only provide for their families but also to support the work of their local church. We believe Pastor Joshua from Cuba said it best, “It just tastes better when you grow it yourself!”

For as little as $45/month a sustainable program, supported by local means, can be initiated every year.

“Next Generation” Ministry

God has called us to be a ministry distinguished by creativity and innovation. This is why we make a priority of inspiring partnership rather than simply asking for funding. We believe God has placed each one of us in a position where He can use us. It is when that position is connected to what God is doing globally that our world will be truly changed!

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