When Did You Get Started With Camps?

My name is Sophanna Tith.  I was born into a Christian family.  I joined with Children’s Camps International as Cambodian director in 2005. That is when children’s camp started in Cambodia.
In that first year  (2005) there was only one camp. but we reached 200 children. In 2016 there were 100 Churches that joined into our program with 5,500 children. There are now 2,500 new believer each year coming to Church every Sunday for the follow up program.

Where in Cambodia Do You Run Camps?

Right now we are working with 100 Churches or camps in three different Provinces.
1- Battambang Province – 52 Churches or Camps in 10 districts.
2- Pursat Province – 23 Churches or Camps in  5 districts.
3- Bonteaymeanchey Province – 25 Churches or Camps in  5 districts.

How is CCI Making a Difference?

For the last 10 years or so, there were not very many children in Sunday school or in Church.  There were around 8-10 children that came regularly to Church every Sunday.  Most of the leaders and pastors did not put a priority on children’s ministry.  They felt that the children can wait until they grow up.  Some pastors felt that children’s ministry is too difficult. That led to very few children in their churches.
Everything changed when our children camp ministry started in Cambodia in 2005.  I connected with pastors and explained to them about children’s ministry.  After they joined with us, I can see that it is growing very fast. Now, around 40-60 children come to Church and some churches have more than 60. That is a huge growth from only 8-10 children.
More than that, I also see our ministry giving opportunity to the next generation of young leader,  to teach children about God.
Some of camp leader now are former campers themselves and some of the campers have become counselors.

Why Do You Love Working With Children?

I am very proud to be a partner with all of you there in Canada and I also very happy to do this great job. I love children and I want to see our children here in Cambodia grow up with Jesus. He lives with them and leads them. I really want to see my nation of Cambodia change through  them. Amen!
I would like to say thank you very much to all of the supporters there in Canada that spend time and money to help our children’s ministry here in Cambodia.
Please continue to pray and help us!
May God bless you all!
Sophanna! – Director – Cambodia Children’s Camps

By the numbers

In 2017 our camps ran from April 6th until April 11st with 100 camps of local churches participated. 4,917 children came to join our camping event. There were 1,576 new believers. There were 399 counsellors, 100 Camp leaders, and there were some cooks, helpers, security guards, worship band, coordinators, and preachers came together to make this event happen.