Where in India Do You Run Camps?

We started our CCI ministry in 2003 in India, Our work is mostly in southern part of India where there is wide opening for Christian Ministries. There are more than 10 percent Christian in the province where we work. Some of the main cities we work are Chennai 9 million people,
Salem 800,000 people, Trichy 1 million, Madurai 1.2 million, Coimbatore 1.4 million people.

Interesting Fact
I used to be in school cricket team, I loved and still love playing cricket. I thought a Cricket game(it takes 7 hours to complete one game) was the most interesting and intense game on the planet until I watched Ice Hockey.


Why Do You Love Working With Children?

Children ministry is like a Bang for the buck. Today’’s children are tomorrow’’s leaders. So I want to have more impact through this ministry. It is easier to reach children than adults, no persecution when we use God given wisdom.

How is CCI Making a Difference?

Since 2003 we have reached over 1.6 million children in India and trained over 100,000 camp counsellors. Many churches have doubled in size because of CCI’’s children ministry. Many young people used to be spectators, but through CCI’’s training program they have become participants.

The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16

My name is Akash 22 years old. I belong to a gypsy community in Kovai district. Gypsies are considered very low in India. My community people worship animals and nature as their gods. We live in an ousted colony. Other community people always keep some distance from us. We are considered as untouchables and filthy by the local people.In 2006 missionaries came with CCI summer camp, then a whole year follow up program. When almost all the people group considered us as untouchables, only the Evangelical Christians treated us as humans and equal.  These Christian missionaries came to our colony and fed the hungry and clothed the needy and cared for the sick and started free tuition centre for the children to get quality education.  Even the government did not care about my people, but the Christian missionaries loved us as their own family members.
Through these camps and follow up programs many kids accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and God. Today we have our own church in my colony. Campers who accepted Jesus through CCI camp some 10 years ago are members of this church. We have a strong youth congregation in our gypsy colony church. Christianity set us free from all the bondages. Today I am one of the camp counsellors in my gypsy colony. It is hard to change my parents and other older people in our colony, because they have been practicing their animism for many decades. It is easy to reach out to kids. My ambition is to become a pastor and evangelise my people and set them free from all the bondages and darkness. There are many other young people in my gypsy colony who feel the same as I do. All these good things started with CCI summer camps and follow up programs. I would like to thank the CCI Ministry and supporters for freeing us from bondages. We were living in darkness, but now we have found light; that light is Jesus Christ.
CCI’s youth training program gave me vision to reach my nation for Jesus Christ


My Name is Samson from Trichy District, I was born and brought up in a Lutheran Christian Family. When I was a little kid, I used to attend church and lived a Christian life. But when I became a teenager, I went away from the Lord and took Jesus out from my life.When I was 18 years old in 2006, my parents sent me to CCI residential youth training camp in my city. I did not want to attend this training program, but because of my mom’’s compulsion I attended that three day residential program. I went to the camp as a non-Christian, but at the camp God touched my heart. CCI trainers preached and taught us from the Bible, which penetrated my heart.During the personal devotion time I talked to God and gave my life to Jesus Christ. CCI youth training program corrected my thoughts and life. I rededicated my life and got a holy calling to reach my nation for Jesus Christ.After that residential training program, I started to attend church at my village. Then I attended CCI summer camp training programs which helped me to become a Summer Camp counsellor. Then in 2008 I went to Bible School for three years. After the bible school, I went to North India as a missionary. Once I was put in prison for preaching the Gospel, these hard experiences helped me to get more passion for the Lord. During my missionary years, I helped so many people to come to light from darkness.Now I am Children Ministry director for Gospel for Asia’, Tamil Nadu province. God uses me to reach over 10,000 children every year through our Summer Camps. I also train so many young people to become camp counsellors. Without CCI training program, i would not have become who i am now. So I thank CCI for helping me to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I also thank Gospel for Asia for appointing me as a director for children ministry in my province.
Antony at Youth Training

Antony at Youth Training