Where in Kenya Do You Run Camps?

God is doing extremely amazing miracles in Kenya and there is real thirst for the word and for God. We started Camps in Kenya in 2009 with on 900 children. The response since then has been overwhelming where we have seen big numbers of Children come to camps. In 2015, we were able to host 8700 children just in three weeks. In the same year we managed to do camps in 6 different locations namely Maua, Antubuchio, Maili Tatu, Laare, Murera, and Kiutini.
We are so grateful to the followup program which is progressing on well. We give Christian reading materials to all the children after training the Staff each year. The Staff meet the children each Sunday of the week in their respective Churches to train and teach them according to the pattern we teach.

Why Do You Love Working With Children?

The very reason why I work with the children is the passion. God spoke to me about the children and confirmed to my wife. We knew God was up to something in our lives with children. Jesus loves small children so much and he says in Luke 18:16 ‘But Jesus called the children to him and said,” little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”. I love to work with Children, they have more potential than the grownups, they have more years to serve the Lord if well grounded in the Word.  Raising a holy young generation means changing the destinies of nations, destroying the ills and immorals that affect societies. This is my passion, children.

How is CCI Making a Difference?

CCI has made incredible impact in the many lives that have been reached. So many pastors from many areas have approached me with the desire to have camps in their communities but we are limited due to funding.As God provides funding, we can reach 100,000 children in just 3 years.
A testimony from Mama Promina.  Her real names is Regina.

“CCI made a great move in my life when the children attended the first year; they came home and spoke about it. We had never had something like that in Maua. I had never seen that many children coming together and just loving one another, learning the Bible together and playing together. It challenged me too. I wanted to know who was behind the whole programme. My children took me to the Church where I saw the man behind the whole programme.I was just blessed to be in that Church which I belong to this day. My children have been attending the camps from the first one and now many are grown up. I must say thank you for bringing CCI to Maua Kenya. God bless you.”