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Tomorrow’s World Changers Changing the World Today!

What if changing the world was so simple that any kid could do it? It’s probably not a surprise to anyone… changing the world IS that simple!

What is the Great KidMission?

The Great KidMission inspires kids to look at who God has created them to be and what they can accomplish today and connects these ambitions to dynamic, world changing projects around the world.

It may be setting up a lemonade stand… to sponsor kids in the developing world to attend camp

It may be doing an extra chore around the house… to buy crayons for a camping program overseas

It may be gathering a group of other kids… to support a micro-finance project that releases a family from poverty and supports a children’s ministry across the globe!

Connecting My Child

We encourage you to sit down with your child and list the things you can do to raise a little extra cash. The Great KidMission goal is that kids find ways to give of themselves. Changing the world is not just up to moms and dads – kids can do it too!

Some ideas that kids have shared with us are:

– Throwing a “no gift” birthday party. Instead friends can bring $5 to send a kid to camp

– Volunteering to sort laundry… one condition – what they find in pockets goes to send kids to camp

– Reducing the clutter in the room – selling a few unwanted toys or books and using the money to buy Bible materials for children’s ministries in less fortunate countries

– Asking friends and relatives to sponsor the goals they score in their next soccer season and use the money to buy soccer balls for kids programs in the developing world.

Tell us about your idea!

Connecting My Children’s Ministry

Little actions add up quickly. When your children’s ministry group (Sunday School, kids club, etc.) joins together to make a big impact in the developing world they will see BIG change. We invite you to contact us to talk about how your group can get involved.